Christmas lights are twinkling all over the globe right now.  Drive around the streets of almost every city or town in December and you’ll find an enthusiastic Christmas lights decorator somewhere who has taken the average set of fairy lights dangling from the gutter to an absolute extreme.  And, don’t we love it!  There are magical displays of Santa’s North Pole workshops.  There are Gingerbread Houses created to look as tempting as Hansel and Gretel’s home in the woods must have looked.  And, then we find the incredible light displays that go way beyond a family lights show.  In America, there is a show that celebrates the unbelievable light displays that have become a show to travel to – ABC’s The Great Christmas Light Fight unearths the very best displays from around the US.  We love the winner – the incredible display right here, but one family’s enormously entertaining Christmas display to Dubstep in Antonio Texas is our favourite!  Check it out.

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